Urinal Nefro

Urinal Nefro

The new Urinal Nefro supports your kidney’s natural function effectively flushing toxins and waste away.

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Our kidneys fight to keep our body free of waste and toxins. These hard working organs function as filters, eliminating via urine substances that could harm us. However, when doing that, they might get overloaded. Yes, waste can stay inside kidneys for example as a “sand” that may form kidney stones. The very toxins they are flushing out of our system can pose stress for their own cells.

Fortunately, there is a way to support protection of our crucial soldiers from this stress/overload, thanks to Urinal Nefro. Its synergic blend of herbs supports your kidneys’ health, contributing to their function and helping protect their cells. 

 How Does Urinal® Nefro works?
Urinal® Nefro tablets contain a natural composition that combines the power of different herbal extracts that have several positive effects:
  • Helps support excretory function of kidneys
  • Contributes to elimination of water
  • Supports flushing waste and toxins
  • Advanced urinary tract support
  • Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, including kidney cells 
The combination of these benefits provides a holistic and synergic effect on the urinary tract, supporting its healthy function, mainly for the kidneys but also for lower urinary tract system.

Who is the product suitable for?
  • Due to properties of supporting the excretory function of the kidneys and protection of cells product is suitable also for people after treatment of severe urinary tract conditions.
  • Product is suitable for people with history of lower urinary tract and kidneys problems like kidney stones, kidneys infection, recurrent kidney infections, also called pyelonephritis, UTI - as a supporting care of lower and upper urinary tract
  • Product is suitable for people who need an active and intensive kidney support.
Daily dosage contains: weight/1 tbl % DRI*
Exocyan™ (Vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit extract
(standardized on 40% Proanthocyanidins)
      45,0 mg
     18,0 mg
(Ononis spinosa, root extract min. 5:1- 250 mg)
1250,0 mg -
Olive leaf
(Olea europaea, leaves extract min. 5:1-80mg, contains oleuropein min. 16%)
 400,0 mg -
Selenium  55,0 µg 100
Vitamin B2     0,2 mg 15